Details van nieuw album van Enslaved onthuld


‘In Times’ wordt de titel van het dertiende studio album van de Noorse extreme metalband Enslaved. 20141215_Enslaved_InTimes_Persbericht

‘Zesde Enslaved lid’ Truls Espedal leverde het handgeschilderde artwork voor het album dat op 6 maart 2015 zal uitkomen bij Nuclear Blast.

Gitarist /componist Ivar Bjørnson over het album:
“I was so deep into the songs and ideas for such a long time (or have my head so far up my own a**, if you prefer more direct language) that it is hard
to have any ‘opinions’ about them that is anything else than the high-flying mumbo-jumbo of the introvert song-smith. The songs are extensions of my
inner and outer life, the thoughts I am aware of having, as well as those that lie too deep to register in everyday consciousness. The songs are the resounds
of grandiose altered states and mundane tiny micro-events. In addition, they are, of course, also the result of inspiration from other music and art. I do think
this new album is the most consistent body of work we have so far: It incorporates our ‘blacker’ past with our influences from prog rock, our present sense of absolute
freedom, and the joy of being in this band, if that makes any sense… Ha, ha, ha. It is higher in energy, more aggressive, yet more beautiful and subtle. It simply sounds inspired.”

De tracklist wordt:
01 – Thurisaz Dreaming
02 – Building With Fire
03 – One Thousand Years Of Rain
04 – Nauthir Bleeding
05 – In Times
06 – Daylight


In Times werd opgenomen in de Duper Studios to Solslottet Studio in Bergen, Noorwegen met wat extra opnamen onder toezicht van leden Larsen en Ice Dale in de Conclave & Earshot Studios en in Ivar Bjørnson’s Peersonal Sound Studios. Diep in de bossen van Valevåg ten zuiden van Bergen werd met een mobiele studio vervolgens nog wat geexperimenteerd met geluiden.

In Times wordt geproduceerd door bandleden Ivar Bjørnson, Grutle Kjellson en Herbrand Larsen samen met Iver Sandøy, en gemixed door Jens Bogren in de Fascination Street Studios in Örebro, Zweden.