Katatonia komt met tekst video voor Old Heart Falls


Katatonia-The-Fall-of-Hearts-e1457989536899De Zweedse doom metal band Katatonia heeft zojuist de tekst video voor ‘Old Heart Falls’ online gezet. Het nummer is afkomstig van het aankomende album ‘The Fall of Hearts’, wat op 20 mei uit via Peaceville Records uitkomt. De plaat is verkrijgbaar als CD, CD+DVD in mediabook en dubbel LP. De video is geregisseerd door Lasse Hoile.

Jonas Renkse over ‘Old Heart Falls’: “A song with lush textures, distinct dynamics and a memorable chorus are the trademarks to some of the most beloved Katatonia songs. ‘Old Heart Falls’ substantiates all of those attributes, but is not by any means defining the album as a whole. There is more to come…”

Anders Nyström over de tekst video: “Knowing we didn’t want another ”font circus” with all these words and letters competing in olympic acrobatics, we decided to make it extremely simple but also very real… 30 years ago when we were active in the underground tape-trading scene, there were no computers around, so we had to write all our letters by hand, or when feeling extra motivated, we used a typewriter. I clearly remember writing letters on a typewriter with a ribbon directly to paper created a special feeling that no computer would ever emulate. So determined to bring back this feeling for a brief couple of minutes, we passed on our idea to our talented friend Lasse Hoile, who made sure this beautiful Royal typewriter served a final purpose before crawling all the way back to the start, returning to dust…”

Katatonia tour data:
9-10/07/16 – België, Bouckenborgh – Antwerpen Metal Festival
1/10/16 – Nederland, Tilburg, Epic Metal Fest

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